The performance of our implant has been validated by the results of technical inspections and quality.

The Tov implant products carry lot numbers and all raw materials are controlled from the time of their arrival at the factory.
All products are subject to strict control of production quality.

The Tov implant products are subject to a very strict sterilization procedure - exposure to gamma rays at an intensity of 2.25 mrad, in accordance with the strictest laws and EU directives requirements.

Our products comply with the essential requirements set out in legislation and European directives on health regarding product performance and patient safety.

Quality management is process-oriented, and quality assurance is a future-oriented basis.

We control the quality of our products for consistency and long-term sustainability using testing in our own premises with our own equipment.
The system of "implants" Tov implant solves all clinical cases. Within the system, all the pieces fit together.

Most implants have a common platform geometry. Despite the variety of parts, they are complementary and mutually hold together.

Fabrication TOV Implant Directive 93/42/EEC on medical Devices, Annex II excluding section 4

CE0482 Notified Body Medcert

TOV Implant CE certificate

TOV Implant ISO certificate