Maer Ø 4.2mm

Maer Ø 4.2mm


MAER is a spiral implant, it provides a very high primary stability. Its insertion is easy and stable, it is ideal for immediate implantation. It is self-tapping and self-drilling. Quality anchor allows the use of smaller implants, thus preserving more bone and peri-implant bone grafts reducing some cumbersome and costly. Adaptable to all clinical situations, it reduces drilling protocols.





- Better bone anchorage due to its conical form and coronary micro-threading

- Simplified implantation and protocols (reduced number of drills)

- Easy to use

- Self-tapered and self-drilling

- Very good bone stability following implantation

- The ideal implant on narrow ridges without prior bone grafting

- One-time implantation when associated to bone grafting

- Faster healing

- Less heating (limited drills)

- Excellent primary anchorage with little bone height due to its coronary micro-threading (sinus floor lift)

- Grade 5 titanium alloy, ultra-resistant implant

- Great maxillary implantation

- First choice implant for an immediate post extraction implantation

- Facilitated implant placement in case of difficult extraction

- Great primary anchorage, ideal for immediate loading

- Great bone anchorage even in presence of reduced bone height

- Very good bone stability following implantation

- Ideal for vertical lift associated to biomaterials

- Ideal for narrow ridges without expander or crestal spin

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MAER 4.2L8

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