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Introducing Rosen Screw for Multi Unit!

? Introducing Rosen Screw for Multi Unit!

?? We are excited to share how this exceptional screw can transform your practice.

Universal Compatibility: The Rosen Screw is designed for most implant systems. Just make sure to check your Multi Unit specifications (1.4, 1.6, or 1.72mm).

? Goodbye Ti-Base: No more need for Ti-Base thanks to the smart design of the screw head. Bid farewell to the risk of prosthesis detachment and loosening!

? Assured Locking: The head’s geometry locks into the screw channel, preventing any loosening. Ensure maximum stability, up to 20 N, with all materials – resin, PMMA, graphite, zirconia.

? Unmatched Versatility: Screw it onto different materials, from resin to zirconia. Adaptability for any clinical situation.

? Digital and Direct: Digital Libraries allow a direct connection from the prosthesis to the Multi Unit. Simplify your workflow.

Join our community of forward-thinking practitioners! ?✨

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