Zirconia Angled abutment 15°

Zirconia Angled abutment 15°

The Combined Structure (Zirconia + Titanium base ) is much stronger than Full Zirconia abutments. External laboratory testing confirmed that this combined structure was as strong as the titanium-made abutment, meaning clients can benefit from having a bright white abutment that is just as strong as a full titanium abutment.

Transgingival height

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• The angular Zirconia dental abutment has a 15 degrees angle and an anatomic shape that makes dental work easier to perform.

• Chewing forces strengthen the grip of the titanium within the abutment.

• There is no gluing involved between the Zirconia & Titanium base. (it is within the process of cold pressuring/sintering so it comes as 1 piece without the need to glue between them)

• Successfully tested by the Technion Research and Development Foundation.

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