Pack Implant / Pilier discount

Pack Implant / Pilier discount

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Discovery Pack

10 Implants (Maer or Ragil) 10 Healing Screws 5 Plastic abutments 3 Straight abutments  2 Angled abutments Please detail your order on :...

Implant + abutment

Pack 20 implants Maer + abutment abutment straight or angular Please clarify your order by emailing

40 Straight Abutments

40 Straight titanium abutment with shoulder. Abutment is available in four heights trangingivales. Diameters: standard, wide or narrow. Thank you...

20 Implant Analog

Made of stainless steel to enable the preparation of laboratory models. Available in Standard or Wide Thank you mail us clarify the details of...

50 Plastic Abutment

Plastic Abutment anti rotational derlin. The sleeve of the hexagon is intended to construct a single structure or implant to a bridge or a crown...