Maer is a spiral implant, it provides a very high primary stability.Its insertion is easy and stable, it is ideal for immediate implantation.It is self-tapping and self drilling.Warning the...

Stainless steel, for impression.

Made of stainless steel to enable the preparation oflaboratory models. Only for Slim Implants

A titanium abutment with hex shoulder without.This abutment is only suitable for implants Slim

A titanium abutment with hexagon shoulder.This abutment is only suitable for implants Slim

Abutment anti-Rotational Castable derlin.The sleeve of the hexagon is intended to construct a single structure or implant to a bridge or a crown that fits onto the abutment.Diameter: Slim (only for...

Healing abutments Slim  is only suitable for Slim implantsHeight: 1, 2, 3, 4 mm.The height selected is a function of the thickness of the gum.

Implant Slim Motor Mount  Hex 2.1mm

Hex Driver Short ( Slim Implant ) Hex 2.1mm

Hex Driver Long ( Slim Implant ) Hex 2.1mm

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